Chinese Dragon's Nine sons

2012 Chinese Year of Dragon

Dragon Has Nine Sons

They say that Dragon has nine sons in Ming Dynasty. The Dragon sent its nine sons to help the first emperor to conquer China. After completing the mission, nine dragons were preparing their journey to return to heaven. But the emperor played a trick on the most powerful dragon, the 6th son, to carry a magic stele with a carved inscription, which could suppress any ghost, spirit or evil creature. The 6th dragon couldn't move under the magic stele, and all of his other brothers wouldn't leave without him. However, they wouldn't work for the emperor anymore. They decided to no longer show their dragon identities and turned themselves into evil creatures.

The 1st son loves music. It becomes a decoration for music instrument.

The 2nd son loves fighting. It's good decoration for the handles of weapons.

The 3rd son loves adventure and keeping guard. It's a symbol of safety and peace.

The 4th son loves howling. The symbol can be found on the big bells.

The 5th son loves quietness, fire and smoke. Its image is often found in temples.

The 6th son loves to carry heavy stuff. It is a symbol of longevity and good luck.

The 7th son loves to seek justice. Its symbol is around law's court or jail.

The 8th son loves literature. It's a symbol of knowledge or education.

The 9th son loves water. It's a symbol to prevent fire disasters.